Different Types of Ships and Work Boats

The world is full of different kinds of ships and work boats which are used for various purposes depending on the type of assignment. They are often used to carry passengers across the sea, carry aircrafts, shipping goods and other materials.


They are large vessels with a capacity to carry bulk and heavy load. The ships can be used for both the purposes that are to carry passengers or goods. The only difference with the boat is in terms of size, which makes further differences in the size. These vessels are used extensively in shipping industry, ferries, navy and other armed forces.



They are those boats which are used in canals and rivers for carrying goods from one place to another. They have a flat bottom and are used in smaller parts where access to a ship is not available and the distance is also smaller. They are not self propelled and require the help of a tow boat for moving in the waters.


These boats are made very sturdy for the kind of purpose they are involved in. They are majorly used for towing barges and ships from the harbor. They are made with strong materials so that they can be used as ice breakers as well.


It is a work boat which is equipped with a mining machine on it. There are number of varieties to these like bucket wheel, jet dragon, etc. They are provided with tough metal teeth covers for mining through sand provide great cutting force.

If you are interested in buying ships or work boats for sale, then internet can help you a lot for this purpose. There are number of online ship sellers who are providing their services through website listings for different areas.


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